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WooZone = WordPress + Woocommerce

import products using the amazon API



With over 10.000 Active Installs, WooZone is the Most Unique

and Popular Plugin on the Market!


Woozone is super easy to use, no programming knowledge necessary.


Bulk import up to 100 products at a time!

  • 10.000installs
  • 5005 ratings
  • freeupdates

Unique Features

  • Insane – One Second Import!

    Import one product in one second!

    With our new Insane Import Mode we’ve optimized the import time big time! Depending on how many products you’ve selected for import, how many variations, how many images and so on, we can estimate how long the import will take.

    View more details
  • Advanced Search

    And Bulk Import Products

    You can browse trough all Amazon’s categories & subcategories, seach by keyword, filter by brand, price, merchant, popularity, best selling products, and you can import up to 100 products at a time!

    View more details
  • Product Variations

    Import Multiple colors & sizes

    Want to give your users the possibility to choose from Amazon Product Variations? Allow them to choose between different colors, sizes, prices!

    View more details
  • Automated Content spinner !

    Unique Content in just seconds!

    Worried about Google finding duplicated content? Using the automated content spinner module, the content is automatically spinned upon import and that way you will have unique content in no time!

    View more details
  • Price Variations

    Sale price / Offer Price / Regular Price

    Select what price to import / display on each product. You can import prices from different merchants and display the best offer price to your customers.

    View more details
  • Products in Posts

    Add products into post using shortcodes

    If you wish to add products into blog posts, now it’s possible! Using shortcodes you can easily display products into posts!

    View more details
  • ON Site Cart

    Or direct checkout opton

    We have an amazing feature that’s called On Site Cart. Using it, your customers can add amazon products to cart and checkout with multiple items at a time! That means more commissions for you!

    View more details
  • Shipping Availability

    Display if the product is available for shipping

    Show your customers if a product is available for shipping, if it’s free & how long does it take until the product gets to them.

    View more details
  • Synchronisation

    Sync amazon products

    We’ve recently improved the Synchronisation module, and works like a charm now! Synchronize amazon products without any efforts! Also, custom CRON Jobs are no longer necessary!

    View more details
  • WooZone Report

    Reporting module

    Keep track of the products you imported from amazon – how many views they had, added to cart, redirected to amazon, and keep track of the synchronisation log

    View more details
  • Amazon ASIN Grabber

    Need an ASINS LIST? Grab it using our new module!

    Using the ASIN Grabber you can take ASINS from Amazon’s Popular Pages, Top Products, Best Sellers, Top Rated and so on.

    View more details
  • Products Stats

    Easily Check Your Conversions

    Using the Products stats you can easily see statistics for the imported products from Amazon. You can see the most popular products, how many hits they had, how many redirections to amazon and how many times were added to cart!

    View more details
  • Amazon Reviews

    Display Amazon Reviews on each product

    Amazon Customer Reviews are automatically imported if they are available on Amazon. You can choose not to display them if you wish.

    View more details
  • Amazon Coupons

    Get super deals & Offers

    Take advantage of huge deals using amazon coupons! Cupons are automatically imported if they are available on Amazon.

    View more details
  • 90 Days Cookie

    Earn Commisions for 90 days!

    With this feature, if a customer adds a product into amazon cart, it’s automatically kept there for 90 days, and if the user continues shopping for other products you will get the commissions also!

    View more details
  • Crosseling

    Related Products & Suggestions

    This feature is great for marketing. On each product you can display related products, frequently bought together products & earn more commissions!

    View more details
  • CSV Import

    Import thousands of products

    Using the CSV Import you can import an existing ASIN list with Amazon Products. There’s no limit for products, so you can import thousands of products at a time!

    View more details
  • Geo Targeting

    Multiple Affiliates ids = earn more money

    Using the Geo Targeting feature you can become an affiliate with all amazon programs, that way you can have customers all over the world & earn more money!

    View more details
  • Other Features

    Here's a list with some more features that our plugin has

    Request type, 90 Days Cookie, Checkout Type, Product Short Description, Beautify Title, Import Attributes, Publish products automatically or set them as draft first.

    View more details
  • Server Status

    In the Server Status Module you can see what is happening with the plugin and if there are any issues with the setup.

    In the Server Status Module you can see what is happening with the plugin and if there are any issues with the setup.

    View more details
  • Amazon Debug Console

    You can see exact what will be imported from Amazon, details, variations and all the info that comes though the API.

    Using this module you can see the exact response that comes from Amazon when you try to import a product. This tool is very useful to debug.

    View more details
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